What we aim to do

Korea has succeeded in establishing democratic institutions since its democratization in 1987, but has reached the limit of its democratic development.

Public demands are not reflected in the political system even though democratic procedures have been introduced. As the influence of a conglomerate (cheabol) continues to expand on every aspect of the society, socioeconomic inequalities deepen. Tension between South and North Korea is getting worse, and security environments surrounding the Korean peninsula are unstable owing to hegemonic competition between the U.S. and China.

New visions for overcoming these difficulties are needed, but the debates regarding where Korea should go in the future result in ideological confrontation.

Imaginative power is most important to move forward into an alternative future. The Tomorrow Association, Inc. aims to produce a discourse about the transformation of Korea on which we can all agree.

The Tomorrow Association, Inc. has three activities: research, commentating, and public education.

First, The Tomorrow Research Institute, a group of researchers, will actively work to draw up an alternative model of more sustainable development, open political systems, and effective government.

Second, commentating activity, called “Agreement for the future,” aims to analyze the main issues of society, and propose an alternative for public consensus.

Lastly, public education consists of an open forum, which involves independent experts and education programs targeting the public.

Citizens with democratic virtues are essential for “strong democracy.” The democratic virtues of citizens will grow through social dialogue. As such, the Tomorrow Association, Inc. will encourage social dialogue, and create a social consensus by proposing a discourse about the transformation of Korea.

Message from the chairman of the board

이래경 이사장

Following independence in 1945, Korea experienced various challenges, but became one of the world’s leading industrial countries. Currently, the Korean economy is the world’s tenth largest by gross domestic product (GDP), and it is said that Korea has succeeded in improving social development in terms of the human development index (HDI).

However, Korea has reached the limits of traditional development; key indices, such as the poverty rate, suicide rate, low wage rate, economic inequality, social mobility, and public expenditure are already the lowest among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Developmnet (OECD) member nations.

Given that hegemonic competition between the U.S. and China makes the security of the Korean Peninsula unstable, tension between South and North Korea has intensified.

The Korean economy does not go with the flow of world markets, which change rapidly with innovation and digital technology, because of its conglomerate (cheabol)-oriented economic structure.

The political system is not functioning properly to solve the problems we face. That is why people say that Korea will eventually repeat the failure of the South American countries.

It is time that citizens step up to holding the key that will allow them to solve these problems.

Past development models, including the developmental dictatorship or neo-liberalism will not be a potential solution to the problems. The fact that the opposition won a majority in the last general election  does not mean that it will carry out our wishes.

What we need right now is an imaginative power and the ability to determine a new way of life.

Making a firm resolution to prepare for the future, we have to search for creative solutions for peace and prosperity  throughout the Korean Peninsula. We have to design a socioeconomic system where the social and economic rights of all citizens are promoted equally. In addition, we have to reform the political system where participation of citizen is excluded, and ensure citizens have a bigger say in politics.

The Tomorrow Association, Inc. will stand in the vanguard of these reforms; for now, please give your warm support and more encouragement. Let’s change the world together.

June, 2016.

Rea-kyung Lee, Chairman of the board


How to help us

donation-handsThe Tomorrow Association, Inc. aims to produce a discourse about the transformation of Korea on which we can all agree.

You could rebuild  the potential of your future and its prosperity by participating as a supporting member.

You could help us by putting some money into our account.

Our account information:

Account owner name: The Tomorrow Association, Inc. (in Korean ‘Darun-bakyon’)

Account number: KB Kookmin Bank 055201-04-200764


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